Discover a powerful SIS with the customization you need.

Your SIS is sitting on data that can help solve some of the most pressing issues in education: graduation risk, bullying, wellness and psychological support, and academic performance. Powerful functionality and personalized reporting provide you with the features you need and the control you want out-of-the-box – all backed by Follett’s 145 years of unparalleled customer service.

Aspen is 100% web-based and fully integrated with the following features:

  • Attendance
  • Behavior and discipline
  • Digital learning environment
  • Enrollment
  • Extracurricular activity tracking
  • Gradebook with standards-based grading
  • Integration capability with third party applications
  • Master schedule builder
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Online form submission
  • Online Registration
  • Professional development
  • Special education
  • Student at-risk identification
  • Student social and emotional needs case management
  • Student, teacher and parent portals
  • User-defined tables
  • Workflows
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Intelligent Integration

All parts of the Aspen system are built on a single, unified database, making data management and interoperability easy.

  • Aspen’s integrated features include learning management, health, special education and case management all on a single, cost-effective system – meaning fewer systems to manage.
  • Unlike other systems where data, spread across multiple locations, needs to be synced, each user on Aspen sees up-to-date data across all modules instantaneously.
  • Exports and imports are simple, because you’re always dealing with a single system of record.
  • Aspen’s support for industry standards such as Ed-Fi means you can rest assured that vendors can integrate. Aspen’s custom API authoring tool means you’ll never meet a system you can’t connect to.
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Joining the Aspen community means never worrying about integration with what you already use or may want to use. Aspen is an open platform that welcomes and adapts to your needs. See our partners.

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Flexible Platform

Aspen is the only platform designed to evolve with your needs, making it the last SIS you’ll ever need. Our Configuration Tool Kit includes exclusive features that enable you to:

  • Insert new navigation and screens into the application that support your users’ view into the data.
  • Write plug-ins that you upload and install to add new functionality (or choose one from our free repository).
  • Add user-defined tables of data to capture new and important district initiatives.
  • Author custom API endpoints for communicating with your home-grown systems.
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Best of all, your customizations will act like native parts of the application and survive all future upgrades.

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Personalized Support

When you choose Aspen, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager who handles your account and is your key to resources such as project management, product enhancement ideas, training opportunities and more.

  • Follett has a long history of building strong partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success.
  • We’ve partnered with districts to deliver student health plan tracking, psychological support case management, staff absence request workflows, response to intervention and many other projects.
  • You can always reach a real person at Follett to get help or give feedback.
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And More!

  • Aspen is 100% web-based. It's accessible on any device using any browser, with a mobile-friendly interface. No plug-ins are needed.
  • Experience revolutionary source code access to the workflow engine, report customization, code procedures and import/export interfaces.
  • Tools are included for streamlining legacy SIS data migration including a full data dictionary with multilingual support.
  • Aspen was designed for integrated school district and state-level data management, with architecture flexible enough to meet your present and future needs.
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State Reporting Support

The Aspen State Reporting framework has already been proven in multiple states with reporting of varying complexity, including real-time reporting such as SIF and Ed-Fi.

Follett employs a service-oriented approach, with high customer satisfaction rates on our state reporting service and support. Our dedicated, Agile development team delivers timely software updates to address changes in reporting requirements, with the ability to deploy updates outside of a full product upgrade cycle.

State reporting has been established in the following states:

  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
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Join districts that have harnessed the power of Aspen to make their community’s most important initiatives a reality.

Graphic of Knox County Case Study article

Knox County

Knox County, Tennessee, a district of 90 schools, 60,000 students, and 8,000 staff members, includes both urban and rural schools, all with varying needs. The district needed a more efficient, flexible way to manage student data.

Graphic of download cloudFind out why Knox County chose Aspen.

Graphic of Marietta Student Life Center  Case Study article

Marietta Student Life Center
Marietta City Schools

Marietta City Schools in Marietta, Georgia, started the Marietta Student Life Center to serve the social and emotional needs of their students and community. They needed a SIS flexible enough to meet the needs of the center.

Graphic of download cloudFind out why Marietta City Schools chose Aspen.

Graphic of Attleboro Case Study article

Newton Public Schools

Newton Public Schools in Newton, Massachusetts, struggled for years to find the perfect SIS. They wanted a proven, customizable platform with state reporting and experts to turn to for advice and resources.

Graphic of download cloudFind out why Newton Public Schools chose Aspen.

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