Raising your expectations with a more flexible and scalable SIS.

Follett Aspen® has always had your students’ learning as our highest priority. While other SIS vendors focus on the administrative functions involved in tracking data, and have expanded into finance and business systems, Aspen remains a more advanced and scalable SIS by focusing on current challenges facing your district.

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Intelligent Integration

Aspen unites all of your school information management needs within a single, easy-to-maintain platform. Designed to adapt to ever-changing initiatives, Aspen enables you to collect, organize and report exactly the data you will need, scaling to meet the performance needs of any district.

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Flexible Platform

You have the power to modify Aspen to meet your specific needs. Aspen combines powerful scheduling and student management capabilities with an adaptable architecture that supports extensive personalization, customization and expansion like no other product on the market.

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Personalized Support

The Aspen Implementation Team guides you every step of the way, before, during and after implementation, with their extensive experience in the installation, training, customization, software support and reporting needs of large districts. Expert trainers and a dedicated state reporting Business Analyst will meet regularly with your staff. Aspen's user-defined fields also enable unique configurations to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

Why Administrators Love Aspen

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Aspen’s fully integrated instructional platform merges your SIS and LMS and seamlessly supports third-party software integration. In addition to weekly training sessions and workshops for administrators and district staff, expect to find a suite of tools focused on the most pressing needs of administrators including:

  • Scheduling tools
  • Customized state reporting
  • Personalized reports for special education, athletics and health
  • Follett Destiny® integration
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Why Teachers Love Aspen

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Teachers love Aspen’s integrated lesson planner and the feature-rich gradebook. But there’s so much more. Aspen offers teachers:

  • A data-driven, complete picture of student performance
  • Improved communication between parents, students and teachers
  • Scheduling and attendance tools that simplify tasks to focus on the needs of teachers

Why Parents Love Aspen

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Aspen’s student and parent portal access connects families to grades (and IEP Progress Reports), homework, calendars and more. Parents love the improved:

  • Visibility into the classroom
  • Communication with teacher and student
  • Ability to get involved in the classes and experience timely updates
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Why Students Love Aspen

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Students don’t always love their assignments, but they love the way Aspen provides mobile access to their learning materials and homework. With Aspen's mobile capabilities, students can carry their assignments in their pockets! Students experience a greater connection to their classroom thanks to Aspen’s:

  • Virtual classroom
  • Ability to share and collaborate
  • Improved communication with teachers
  • Visibility to grades and improvement
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